Green Borneo Kratom offers a milder way to wind down in the afternoon or evening – but don’t mistake mild for insufficient! Borneo strains are either grown directly in Borneo, or using native soils and techniques to produce a near-identical plant profile. Enjoy during the day or early evening for a pleasant experience.

Green Borneo Kratom Tea

½ lb (8oz) Green Borneo Kratom Tea


Green Borneo Kratom Tea

1lb (16oz) Green Borneo Kratom Tea


Green Borneo Kratom Tea

2.2lb (1kg) Green Borneo Kratom Tea

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One of the things I love about Kratom Online is their variety of strains available. I consider myself something of a kratom snob (unapologetically!) and love to sample each individual strain to see what works best for me; the large number of strains here kept me busy for a while, but I settled on the White Borneo to start my day, Super Red to end it. And if I’m going to be with friends, I always have my trusty growler filled with Green Borneo. This website absolutely rocks! Honestly wouldn’t even drink as much if I couldn’t get it as cheap and quick as I can from Kratom Online!

Marissa / NYC, New York

I can’t decide if I like the Green Borneo or Green Malay better, the Super Green and Green Maeng Da is a little too strong for me but its a really good value if you have a heavier tolerance then me lol but the site is so cute and the products are affordable! This is the best place to get kratom tea for sure.

Robin / Houston, Texas