Recent demands for different kratom strains have led to hybrid mixes of the highest quality. Made from premium Maeng Da, Super Gold kratom refers to a particularly strong blend made from curing kratom leaves in a particular way. Easier to make than your typical Yellow, but more potent with a more broad profile. Only the strongest kratom gets cured in such a way to make Super Gold.

Super Gold Kratom Tea

½ lb (8oz) Super Gold Kratom Tea


Super Gold Kratom Tea

1lb (16oz) Super Gold Kratom Tea


Super Gold Kratom Tea

2.2lb (1kg) Super Gold Kratom Tea

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Me and my husband are long time kratom drinkers, we’re always looking for something new and exciting so we tried the Super Gold, wow it is really good!! Brews smooth and hits hard, but not like…overwhelmingly so. It came on like Green but relaxed me like Red at the same time. Very good stuff!

Anita & Jason / Denver, Colorado

I run a Kratom Tea Bar, and Im absolutely getting my kratom tea from Kratom Online from now on. Becoming a Kratom Tea Wholesaler was super easy and it guarantees I get what I need to run my business. Very cool stuff!

Ian / Boulder, Colorado