Red Horn kratom, like all “horned” varieties, is more difficult to cultivate than other strains, making it a prized variety to those who know to search for it. It has a powerful profile without being overwhelming, making it ideal for casual drinkers and regulars alike! The leaves of the plant have a unique shape, with horn-like spiked edges, giving it an interesting presence compared to other varieties.

Red Horn Kratom Tea

½ lb (8oz) Red Horn Kratom Tea


Red Horn Kratom Tea

1lb (16oz) Red Horn Kratom Tea


Red Horn Kratom Tea

2.2lb (1kg) Red Horn Kratom Tea

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I am opening a Kava+Kratom bar in Portland and after a whole lot of searching, this site is the one I found with the best combo of good prices and functional website. The staff is cool too, they seem really dedicated to the community and their work! Gotta love it. Keep it up!

Matthew / Portland, Oregon

Straightforward process, good quality/potent tea, great prices, this place has it all. Kratom Online is where I go for all my botanical teas. Just had to say something, more people need to hear about this site and I’ve already told as many people within the community as I can.

Kristoff / Newark, New Jersey