Like other Borneo strains, White Borneo is grown either in Borneo directly, or uses soils and techniques native to the region to produce consistent quality in the plants. This strain is particularly uplifting and perfect for taking on the day, or bringing focus to whatever needs doing. An ideal coffee replacement! Get down to business without a sense of tension.

White Borneo Kratom Tea

½ lb (8oz) White Borneo Kratom Tea


White Borneo Kratom Tea

1lb (16oz) White Borneo Kratom Tea


White Borneo Kratom Tea

2.2lb (1kg) White Borneo Kratom Tea

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When I discovered kratom initially, it was in gas station pill form; after a while, my skin started to break out and I got a kidney stone, and my friend told me that just tossing the powder back in a pill was really rough on my kidneys, so she taught me how to brew kratom tea and my life has changed absolutely for the better! I found Kratom Online to be the best place to buy my teas, the website works well, everything is easy to find, and the price is way better than popping into a corner store a couple times a week. This website is one of the hidden gems of the kratom/kava community!

Chad / St. Augustine, Florida

I only became aware of Kratom when my state tried to ban it, and when I tried it I realized why; its super chill and a way to wind down that doesn’t get you all messed up like alcohol so the lobbyists got big mad. So if only for that reason alone (to stick it to “The Man”) I order bulk kratom and enjoy the hell out of it. Super Green is actually super, and White Borneo keeps me awake without the jitters, when I’m working on some article or other. Kratom Online is the best place I’ve found to get consistently good-quality kratom tea at a price I can afford.

Luke / New Port Richey, Florida